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A message from the Coach

Who would have thought that, just a few short years ago, e-sports was simply an idea suggested by a group of Marion computer science students who loved to game?  Those students have since graduated from college and moved onto different careers, but the legacy of that suggestion lives on.  Now, in our first year of competitive play, we are Indiana State Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Champions.


We pride ourselves on diversity, equity, and inclusion by welcoming all to our team. You see, e-sports is more than a bunch of students playing video games.  E-Sports teaches leadership, communication, perseverance, and determination--the same skills gained from participation in other sports.  With diversity, equity, and inclusion at our core, our team members form connections in ways they might not have thought possible. This program is already a major e-sports competitor with our state-of-the-art arena, our participation in yearlong activities, and our school-wide recruitment of players. 


This is the world of Giant E-Sports.  This is where your competitive side thrives.  Fuel your passion for gaming right at Marion Community Schools.


Press Play,

Travis Hueston

E-Sports Head Coach


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