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Coaching Staff

The Marion Giants E-Sports Team is proud to have a lineup of dedicated coaches that lead by example, are highly energized, and most importantly they know each individual athlete.  Each coach values and respects the relationships they build with each of our players.

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Travis Hueston

E-Sports Director

Director Hueston leads the Giant E-Sports program at Marion Community Schools and has spearheaded its inception and development. He has played a pivotal role in creating the entire e-sports program, including the design of a cutting-edge gaming arena where students compete against schools worldwide

Christian Staton

Assistant Coach

Currently serving as a history instructor at Marion High School, Coach Staton is in his fifth year as an assistant coach for the Marion Giants E-Sports program. Last year, he mentored the League of Legends team and now focuses on coaching Rocket League, both of which rank among his preferred games to play. What Coach Staton finds most gratifying about e-sports is the exhilarating atmosphere that accompanies the weekly competitions in which students engage. Witnessing their competitive spirit and enjoyment is his ultimate source of satisfaction in coaching e-sports. He places a strong emphasis on fostering teamwork and effective communication as central objectives in his coaching approach.

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Brandon McCoin

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach McCoin, an alumnus of Marion High School and a former student of Director Hueston, takes pleasure in building connections with the players and guiding the Championship Smash Brothers Ultimate Team. During his leisure hours, he relishes engaging in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate matches with his friends and cherishing quality moments with his family.

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